04 Azlan
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Strip #135

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Bringer of squeeky doom!


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For the most part, Azlan is a cheery and entertaining sort. In part this is due to his being a Fae, a whimsical race whose sanity is questionable, at least from the point of view of other races. There is another side to him, though. As an adventurer he can be loyal, trusty and brave, with a strong urge to bring justice to an often unjust world.


As with Mab, Azlan appears to have left the Fae Kingdom. It would seem that unlike Mab, who is virtually an exile, Azlan has left of his own volition and will return there on occasion. In any case, Azlan seems to prefer to remain in the normal realm of Furrae for the most part, where he earns his keep as a sword-for-hire. When he is not so occupied, he is generally found at Lost Lake, or off somewhere with his wife Neni. So far Neni has not appeared in-strip (although there is a wallpaper of her wedding to Azlan) and all that is known about her so far comes from the often-violent anecdotes which Azlan will sometimes mention at the inn.


  • Azlan conceals his Fae nature by means of a patch which hides his antennae and gives him feathery wings in lieu of the insectoid wings which Fae tend to have by default. It is not currently known why he uses a patch to do this instead of using his powers to effect the change instead.
  • He is a capable swordsman, and being a Fae, naturally has strong command of magic, although the latter is rarely demonstrated in-strip. It is possible that he has adopted a Being-like role and that overuse of his powers would 'break character', so to speak. (Fae are wont to treat the world as a stage)
  • Among Azlan's possessions is the 'Squeaky Koala of Doom' which was a gift from Neni.
  • Azlan is based on a real character from Furcadia, and is a regular poster on the DMFA forum.

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