04 Biggs
Biggs San
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Single and looking


Strip #085

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Surrounded by beautiful females

Most Known For

Ruling Twink Territories, stealing random artifacts


Romancing, ruling, fighting

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Sister (Wildy San)


The brother of Wildy and the infamous ruler of the Twinks, Biggs first appeared in the "Twinks!" arc as a short-lived villain, only to have his role revitalized much later in the "Take Me to the Church" arc.


As the leader and ruler of the dread Twink Territories, Biggs knows how to live life to its most ostentatious. To some he appears to be no more than a laughable party animal, but in actuality he has secretly boasted about the facade[1] he has painstakingly forged. As a mastermind, Biggs takes complete advantage of the presentation he gives, easily manipulating this illusion to conceal his sinister and calculating nature. Since the Twinks are normally and fortunately reclusive, usually limited to only causing trouble within their own territory, any major act committed by them can automatically be attributed to Biggs's orchestrations.


Like his sister Wildy, Biggs hardly ever divulges anyone of his past. It is easy to assume that this is in part due to his position in underground authority, where weaknesses can be used as weapons to one's downfall. All that is known about his past life so far is that he once had an ongoing rivalry with Wildy and had eventually seized control of the once-leaderless Twinks. Currently he is experimenting with Destania Ti'Fiona about a project which could possibly bring about the end of the Dragon race.


  • Biggs has no sense of color coordination or fashion.
  • Biggs is characterized by the large, gilded "B" he wears around his neck.
  • Much to his dismay, Biggs's hair is even more feminine in hue than his sister's. In order to hide this he sometimes dyes his hair the same color as his fur.
  • Biggs is the first leader of the Twink Territories.
  • He is a transgender. His name used to be Bridget.


  1. As shown here, where he has said, "You see, Alexsi... I've spent the last few years making everyone believe the Twinks are nothing but a walking joke. But in reality..."

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