Clan Information
Tri-Winged Leader



7,000 years




2 members


All members have green eyes.



All 'Cubi belong to a Clan, whether they know it or not. The clan they belong to will influence which emotions they can readily absorb, and has a symbol associated with it which will appear somewhere upon their body as their magical proficiency increases.

Cyra ClanEdit

Cyra Clan was founded by Cyra, a powerful and mysterious Succubus who was first "seen" in strip 999 and has appeared in the one thousandth comic. Because she has just recently shown up, little is known about when the clan was founded, although it is described as very high and powerful according to Dan's official cast page.[1]

The clan members have draconic heads at the end of their wing-tentacles, a natural trait granted by their living tri-winged founder.

Clan LeaderEdit

For more information, see: Cyra

Beliefs and LifestyleEdit

They appear to be notorious for exploiting their affinity, as mentioned by Fa'Lina in AS2 page #051.



It is not currently known which other clans are enemies or rivals of Cyra, but they do seem to be in a state of active warfare with the Dragon race. The origin of this conflict is currently unknown, although Destania seems to be engaged (along with Biggs) in a project that will somehow bring about the end of the Dragon race.

Possibly because of this, most Dragons are liable to try and kill Dan as soon as they discover his clan affiliation (With the exception of Pyroduck).


Not known



  1. Dan's official cast page [1]

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