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Genesis4 is a rarely seen DMFA character. Merlitz described her as a water mage.[1] She is sometimes referred to as "Gen". [2]

She is part of Merlitz's old adventuring team that consisted of: Nightmyste, Pegasus, Skirmish, Genesis4 ("Gen"), and Dice

Genesis4 first appeared in strip 52[3]. However after an incident regarding a human[4], Merlitz was kicked out of his old adventuring team[5]. They ran into "Merlitz" (it was actually Abel in disguise) again at the Lost Lake Inn [6], while investigating for some Cubi[7]. The party left the inn at "Merlitz"'s request[8], though they briefly considered attacking the Cubi they found[9].

The party has not been seen since.

Genesis4 however appeared later[10] while Abel was minding the Inn as Alexsi was out on a date with Pyroduck. Gen demanded to see Alexsi, most likely to attempt to kill her[11], unaware that the Alexsi she had seen before, and covered in Cubi morphing magic, was not the real Alexsi. She seemed to do this out of some kind of unrequited feelings for Merlitz[12]. "Gen" began to order drinks[13], got drunk[14], nearly puked on Abel[15], flashed Abel[16], and hit on Abel[17]. She finally ran into the real Alexsi the next morning while Gen had a hangover and Alexsi had afterglow[18].

Genesis4 and the others of Merlitz's old adventuring party are based on real person's characters, which is something Amber has been trying to avoid [19], so it is unlikely to see the old adventuring party again soon. They will likely remain bit-characters.

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