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Likely around Abel's age (24) during Abel's Story

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Abel's Story #23

Date of death

Abel's Story #99

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400 Years before DMFA Comic

Spoiler Warning: The following content may give away recent plot details.

Hennya, a serpentine Mythos, is one of the characters featured exclusively in Abel's Story. Her first appearance was in Abel Rewanz's young childhood when he first enrolled in Zinvth's schools, proving that she has known him from a young age. In the following events several years later, she appeared again in Abel's Story #71, proving that the two still remain close even in adulthood, as she was visiting May Rewanz's house while Abel was attending Cindy's funeral. She even spoke about appointing Abel as her "honor maiden" for her upcoming wedding to Ahnora, although she was initially fearful that the unexpected news would upset Abel.

Not much is known about Hennya's personality, but she has exhibited a quirky disposition, not to mention vivid courageousness, as she fearlessly attacked Aniz when he was victimizing May and Abel. Unfortunately, this resulted in her demise at the hands of Aniz.

Spoilers end here.


  • Hennya's engagement ring is not worn on her finger, as is customary with Being wedding couples. On the contrary, she wears an ornamented ring around the neck of one of her head-snakes.[1]


  1. It is shown quite clearly in Abel's Story #72

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