04 JamesStarrunner
James StarRunner
Biographical information
Current Occupation

Bounty Hunter


Star, Jay, Angel boy



Marital Status



'Cubi abilities #2

Physical description










Hair color


Eye color


Miscellaneous Information

Chaotic Good

Often Seen

Stuffing himself at all you can eat buffets

Most Known For

His love of peanut butter


Drawing, cooking, reading

Favorite Food

Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Favorite Colour

Greens and blues




Former member of Heaven's Grace, a group of bounty hunters



Because of the unfair persecutions against him for being an angel, James taught himself to never judge anyone by appearance or race. He's easy going, and if in a relaxed setting, he'll joke around and act like a goofball. In situations where seriousness in needed, he'll drop the funny antics and get down to business (though he may drop a pun if going into battle). Although some already know his secret, James hates to admit to being an angel and will usually deny the fact of his true heritage. Thinking of his heritage leads to many memories he would rather forget. Though he tries to make money from his profession, it's not uncommon for him to do acts of service and will jump at the chance to cook (or eat).


Mistreated and feared in his youth for being a creature, James didn't have an easy childhood. He was found and raised at an orphanage at Lath's Stand, a small town far from Lost Lake. Before he left the orphanage, his caretaker, Grace, crafted him a magical pair of gloves similar to a primitive patch used to suppress his angelic appearance and abilities. Although he's lost a glove since, he was able to live among beings without being feared. Without a job or schooling though, he had to live off the streets and steal for food. A paladin who caught him showed him mercy, took James in, and trained him. Now James uses those skills learned from the company of the paladin and his associates to hire out his services as a bounty hunter.

Appears InEdit

James StarRunner appears in the Furrae Chronicles story and Roleplaying game.

In addition to his appearance in Furrae Chronicles, the author has a story in the works of James' history, called Angel Story.

James also appears as a DMFA cameo in the Demonology series on 'Cubi abilities.


  • James does not drink alcoholic beverages. He says he needs his senses alert at all times, but it's mainly because his caretaker Grace made him promise not to drink.

Author's Notes Edit

  • The design for James StarRunner was originally conceived in Furcadia.
  • Despite all popular beliefs, the name StarRunner did not come from Homestarrunner.
  • James StarRunner is named after another character of the same name. The original James StarRunner is a human paladin/mage in a modern fantasy story called FrostBite. Both characters belong to the author.
  • James' wife in real life has a character who later becomes James StarRunner's wife.

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