Lost Lake is the place where much of the action in DMFA takes place. The inn that Alexsi Ti'Fiona owns is located there, and at present Dan, Pyroduck, Abel, the Basement Rats and Alexsi herself take up residence there. Mab also currently lives in Lost Lake. She used to live in her home on the lake until one day, when a nature documentary host furre, obviously parodied off of Steve Irwin yanked her antennae and crossed them together, causing her glen to explode.[1] She now currently resides in Dan's closet in the Inn's basement, along with Pip. Merlitz used to work for Alexsi at the Lost Lake Inn, until he set off for a new adventure after breaking up with Aaryanna.[2]

The exact location of Lost Lake is unknown, but it would seem to be in walking distance of Zinvth as various character have visited locations like Matilda's shop/ home and the Soulstealer residence, which all appear to be inside Zinth.


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