05 Mordrith
Mordrith Druforth-Jyraneth
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Canine (Doberman Pinscher)



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Dark blue

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Surprise, shock, horror

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Wife (Julei_Nadori-Jyraneth), Son (Neremath Ja'Fell), Grandchildren including Dorcan Ja'Fell


Ja'Fell Clan



As the chief of Ja'Fell clan, Mordrith has a tendency to be somewhat domineering and has a fiery temper, though this only usually comes to the fore when a clan member has done something criminal, or when the safety of the clan is threatened.

He is immensely suspicious and paranoid that survivors of his parent clan, the fearsome Jyraneth Clan may locate and execute him and the other members of his clan.

Duties and fears aside, Mordrith is a kind and honourable man, who would fight to the death to protect his friends and family.


Mordrith was born into the Jyraneth Clan, and for many centuries was a member of the elite Raiders, who conquered Being towns and cities in order to help fulfil the supposed prophecies of their insane leader, Queen Jyraneth.

Mordrith was part of the Raiders' advance guard and his duties largely consisted of assassinating lookouts, something which he particularly enjoyed in order to feed on their shock and surprise as they were killed.

After a number of centuries he married Julei and left the Raiders to raise a child. Around this time he became unhappy with the Jyraneth way and began to think about defecting. This came to a head when a raid went wrong and shattered the Clan's confidence. Mordrith preached openly against their despotic Leader's doctrines and then fled for his life (and soul), taking Julei and their young son, Neremath.

Since then he formed the Ja'Fell Clan from family and friends sympathetic to his newly pro-Being views and has taken to living in secret amongst Beings, along with his wife. Typically they take guise of an elderly couple.

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  • Mordrith only rarely visits his son and grandchildren, as he is afraid to gather too many clan members in one place and risk losing them all in an attack.

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