04 Pip
Pipclideous "Pip" Dominiscus
Biographical information


Marital Status



Strip #002

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Miscellaneous Information
Often Seen

Chasing Dan, chasing photographers, chasing in general

Most Known For

Attacking things/people, being a thorn in Dan's side


Chasing, biting, grr'ing, napping

Favorite Food

Apples or turkey

Favorite Colour



Owner? (Mab)


Pipclideous Dominiscus (shortened to Pip) is a supporting member of the cast of DMFA. He was first introduced in strip #002, and his fiery personality was quickly established, being shown for the first time in strip #009. Pip is more or less Mab's familiar, despite his own, fierce independence.


Pip is quite possibly the most fiery character in the comic. He'll attack anyone, for whatever reason he wants. Free spirited and independent, he is also extremely protective, both of hoards, as seen in strip #433, and of Mab, as seen in way too many strips to list. Despite his bad temper, Pip is quite chivalrous and seem to get along fine with women in general, including Wildy, possibly due to them having similar personalities.

While this is difficult to know seeing as he rarely speaks an understandable language, he does show a bit of a (violent, of course) artistic streak in strip #465, where he wrote he small part of Wildy's novel.

In #847 Pip is revealed to be capable of having a normal conversation with Mab and to be fully intelligent and cognizant of his own actions, and aware of Mab's unrevealed plan, calling into question his previous behavior's purpose.


Nothing is known about Pip's personal history, though one could guess it is closely linked to Mab's own.


  • As proved in strip #465, Pip knows how to read and write
  • According to strip #022, he views Dan as a steak
  • Flashes of light hurt Drake's eyes, making them hate photographers and fear lightning storms. Pip is no exception.
  • Pip's scales are golden, meaning they'll harden into actual gold after falling.
  • The head-fans on Pip's head expand/retract depending on his mood.

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