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Shax Crowe
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Shax Crowe is a DMFA Fan Character created by Daniel Payne.  

Personality Edit

Shax is often rather shy, and rather skiddish. It has also been noted he is a bit naieve which has been known to get him into trouble at times. He is an avid bookworm, and has been noted that his dormroom at SAIA is filled with books upon books. Shax is noticed to be rather optimistic, always trying to look at the bright side of things.

History Edit

Not much is known about him. Most of his time spent at SAIA is in the Library. He helps out Oolong when he can with sorting and cleaning.

BackStory Edit

See Shax's Backstory

Trivia Edit

Shax is one of the few Cubi who still sleep normally, despite not needing to.

He strives to be the best of the best of his classes, hence his constant studying habits. He is currently working as a student teacher at SAIA alongside Professor Jacob Mielihyva.

Shax has made an appearance in Project Future durning Werrew's backstory, being held prisoner for being a 'creature'. PF - Page 254

He is one of the last few survivors of Jin Clan.

After an incident involving an anti-wing group in his youth, Shax has very little memory of his childhood and no memory about his birth parents.

Shax is Jin's Great, Great Grandson

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