The various species in D&DMFA. A slight problem with anthromorphic characters is the simple fact that, compared to humans, animals have friggin' superpowers. Give them a decent size and human-level intelligence, and let's face it, we'd be screwed. It should be noted that ONLY beings get the ability adjustments and feats related to species. Animal groups will be listed by scientific group, or tribes/subfamilies in most cases, and by alphabetical order.


Reserved for requested animal groups. PLEASE leave your name in Heading 3 format, along with the animals' scientific group or tribe/family, AND WHAT SPECIES IT CONTAINS. Abilities will be be determined eventually.


Includes: Cattle, Bison, Buffalo, Yak, and Antelopes.


Includes: Wolves, Jackels, Coyotes, and Dogs.


Includes: Horses, Donkeys, and Zebras.


Includes: Cougar, Cheetah, Serval, Lynx, Caracal, Ocelot, and Cats


Includes: Tiger, Lion, Jaguar, and Leopard.


Includes: Foxes, Raccoon Dog (Tanuki)

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