04 Amber


There comes a time in most peoples' life when they decide to wrap themselves in a sleeping-bag and crawl around like a caterpillar.

Picture Amber doing this with insect antennae on her head and saying "wiku wiku wiku", and you're basically there.

The term 'wiku' has become a slogan of sorts regarding DMFA or Amber, hence the title of the wiku-wiki.


"Wiku wiku wiku..."

Appears inEdit

The wiku-worm has appeared in-strip, usually as a filler in the margins or to annoy Fluffy. It first appeared in strip #346 and has subsequently appeared in strips #347, #429, #477, #546, #688 and #702, as well as the second wallpaper war and tag team wallpaper war.

The worm has also been observed by Amber's brother, as noted by Damaris on the CM forum (restricted section - may require login):

"Um, basically the Wiku worm is Amber in a sleeping bag with deedily antenna on her head. This is usually prompted by something like sleep deprivation, or a really stupid e-mail. Darkmoon can attest to this, as he has seen it, and relishes telling the story."

This story may be added in future if Amber does not kill those involved first.

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